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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission for Feral to Family is to find permanent adoption homes for kittens and social adults as well as reduce the number of homeless and abandoned within cat colonies. For those in cat colonies/communities we are dedicated in providing shelter, food and medical attention as well as actively participating in TNR efforts, in hopes to keep each healthy and further prevent the feral colony population from increasing. Any kitten or social adult that is without a home is safely trapped, spayed/neutered if of age and brought into a foster environment where they are cared for and prepared for permanent adoption.

How It Started

Running a website and marketing company is not the only thing that we are passionate about. It all started behind the office building of rescue founder, Jim Oliva, where a cat colony had resided. On a cool late October afternoon in 2016, a mother cat had a litter of kittens in the parking - where three kittens now lived sleeping under bushes. One of the three kittens was caught, which is when Brittany Oliva, daughter of Jim and President of Feral to Family went to her father to see if there was a home we could find for the little newborn. At the time, our home had 2 cats too many, but knew that if we didn't adopt this new friend he would be left to face the harsh winter coming up on his own.


This is when our home met Salem. Salem was adjusting well in his new home and loved by his new family, he fit right in! Within a week, his brother Oreo was also caught. It was only right to have the two brothers bond together in their new home - where they are still are close to this day! It wasn't until one more week passed when the third brother was caught, a small all gray kitten, Smokey, who is also still a permanent family member!

salem and oreo as kittens

Salem (left) and his brother, Oreo (right) as kittens.

After the winter passed and the warmer weather was in full swing - more and more kittens were being born outside. It was at this point that we realized how hard it was to see any of these animals, let alone babies, fend for themselves while sleeping under bushes, surviving in stroms and harsh weather. As it became more known that our family was helping these cats and newly born kittens in finding homes - others began to reach out asking if we can take cats that they have found in - something very difficult to decline. The more cats and kittens that we were fostering, the more of a financial expense this was becoming. Being that we did not want to stop helping - Feral to Family was founded - so we can continue our efforts, but with financial support.

Who We Are

Feral to Family Cat Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer group of animal lovers. Feral to Family has observed a great need in our community to assist, rescue, foster, provide medical care and love for the unwanted, homeless, neglected kittens and adult cats we so often see all over Long Island. Feral to Family was born when our family began rescuing kittens born to a feral colony behind our place of business. Before long we not only became active in TNR (Trap Neuter and Release) to help try to curb the exploding kitten population, we also began helping the local volunteers with feeding and helping to fund much needed medical support for some of the sickest cats. During the winter months we began providing shelters for many ferals, as well as taking in the oldest and sickest to help them ride out the winter

Our organization has grown, and now works diligently to reduce the population of homeless/unwanted animals through promoting and supporting an early spay/neuter program to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Feral to Family has networked with other Rescue Groups to rescue and place kittens and adult cats in loving forever homes. We provide screening of all adoptive applicants to assure that the suitable companion is placed with the appropriate family.

We have Trapped, Vetted and fostered, as well as other support efforts to the total of over $43,000 in 2018, purely out of our own pockets and hearts. All adoption fees and donations we collect help us to raise funds to continue funding these needed services. Through our fund-raising events, set in place by our dedicated volunteers and through donations from individuals, we hope to continue with our mission. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you from all of us for your support!