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Available Cats

We are open for adoptions on a limited basis. Please read the following information before filling out an application:

  • Adopting Kittens
    • Young kittens are asked to be adopted as a pair.
      • We have an extremely large number of applications for our kittens. Please keep in mind that the kitten you are interested in may have pending applications. You are free to still have your application submitted as we will adopt to the best fit for that cat. Please also keep in mind that we will be bringing in new kittens continuously to our adoption center as kittens are adopted.
    • During this time, it is difficult finding available appointments for spay/neuter. Kittens that are not spayed/neutered will be subject to a foster to adopt contract until the kitten has been spayed/neutered
  • Appointments
    • All adoptions are by appointment only. This to ensure that there are no other guests in the room.
    • ALL guests are required to wear face coverage upon entering. At the door we will provide you with a new fresh & clean pair of gloves that must be worn throughout the duration of your visit. Please keep groups to be no larger than 5 people.
    • Appointments are ONLY for cats located at Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe. Any cat that is in a foster home is currently not available for adoption appointments for the safety of the foster’s home. Cats at Catpurrccinos Cat Café can be viewed using this link: https://www.
    • For those unfamiliar with cat cafes, normally visits are $15/person to help financially support the rescue. As appointments are PRIVATE and for you and your group only, appointments at Catpurrccinos are $50 to reserve the entire room. You will be given a living room style space with all cats free roaming. This is to support the expenses of running the café and is non-refundable if you do not adopt. Appointments do not guarantee adoption approval. If you go through with adopting, half of this entry fee with get credited to your adoption fee. ($125 - $25 credit = $100 Adoption Fee)

  •  Adoption Approvals
    • To fulfill and approve an adoption, a home visit is required, as per our rescue’s policy. For your safety and ours, a face mask & gloves will be worn throughout the duration of the home visit. This also means that cats are not able to be taken home the day of your appointment. Unfortunately, due to limiting travel for home visits, applications off Long Island will not be considered. 

Please understand that at this time we have many applications – many for the same cat and therefore require an appointment for a meet & greet. Our cats will be adopted by the first best fit for that specific cat. We do not accept deposits on adoptions before meeting our cats.