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If you are donating to Valentina - please write a message in the optional note section so we can add your message to the valentine!


Meet Valentina - a sweet young kitten about 4 months old that has touched our
hearts with her adorable face and extremely cuddly personality. Unfortunately,
Valentina's health has not been keeping her spirits high. After multiple vet visits,
Valentina has a presumptive diagnosis for FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis), a
fatal viral disease caused by a strain of virus called feline coronavirus. Although
We are fortunate to have a foster step up to care for her in a hospice situation,
we still are holding out hope that a miracle can happen and we can save this
precious baby.
After researching options, we found a new drug MUTIAN, a costly drug that has
shown efficacy in treating FIP. Although not approved yet by the FDA, the new
drug has shown more than a 80% survival rate in treated cats.

With the use of this new medicine, Valentina has a chance at a happy & healthy life, but its costly. To treat Valentina with this new medication, it will cost the
rescue in excess of $4500! Valentina is worth it, and we have decided to treat her and give her a chance, and with your help we can save her life.
Make any donation to help Valentina & write a message in the optional note section so we can add your message to the valentine to hang in Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe! Feral to Family and Valentina thank you for your support!