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What is Kitten Season?

Typically lasting between the months of April and October, kitten season refers to the period of time when female cats are often giving birth to litters. This results in hundreds of homeless mom cats and kittens all throughout the island. Rescues all over receive hundreds of calls a month with new kitten spotting pleading to help these tiny babies. With every single intake comes time and money to trap, setup inital care away from other animals, initial and follow up vaccinations, spay/neuter, plus all of the food and litter needed to keep each one healthy. This leads to be hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for each cat, and there are thousands of them! The more you help, the more we can help!

What costs are associated with Kitten Season?

Aside from food/litter that every cat needs to live and thrive, with every kitten (or pregnant mom cat) intake the following is needed:

  • Trap & Bait needed to capture kittens and mom if found. This can sometimes take multiple attempts to successfully catpure all kittens found.
  • Crate for kittens to safely live away from other animals and where they cannot get into danger.
  • Materials for comfortable and sanitary birthing area for pregnant mom.
  • Initial Vet checkup for each kitten and mom (if found with kittens) before vaccinations are able to be given. This is typically within days of being rescued.
  • Kitten Milk Replacement/Formula for kittens who do not have a mom cat to nurse from.
  • Follow up vaccinations routinely per kitten/mom cat.
  • TNR. If the mom cat is deemed feral and not adoptable, she is kept in foster care for the necessary length of time for kittens to nurse. Once the kittens are no longer dependent on the mom cat, she is released outside. If there is no familair place for the mom cat to be released to, there are safe and cared for feral cat sanctuaries costing approximatly $400.