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We are already responding to Crisis after Crisis in 2024

At Feral to Family, our passion for animal rescue shines through in every aspect of our work. When you step into Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe, you'll feel the warmth and dedication that permeates our space. However, behind the scenes, we face the daily challenge of providing care and shelter for animals who have yet to find their forever homes. Running our rescue is a labor of love, marked by both triumphs and heart-wrenching moments. This kitten season has been espescially hard. We can't thank our incredible volunteers, fosters and supporters for helping us through.

Help us with these littens by making a small donation. Every dollar counts!

Sadly, not every rescue has a happy ending, and it breaks us when we lose a little soul.


Meet Ace, a precious kitten who captured our hearts at just 5 weeks old. Rescued and brought into the loving care of a foster home with Feral to Family Rescue, Ace was sweet but quiet, and heartbreakingly underweight—nearly half the size of a typical kitten his age. He faced severe challenges, battling parasites that left him weak and frail.

Despite receiving the best treatment and constant monitoring, Ace's little body couldn't withstand the struggle, and he passed away during the night. His foster mom was devastated by the loss but remains deeply committed to caring for the rest of Ace's litter, who are also in fragile condition. She is determined to provide the best medical care and loving attention to ensure that Ace's short life will inspire a legacy of hope and healing for his siblings.

Please consider donating to help with all of the medical of therse precious babies.


We're currently housing 35 kittens & cats from various litters

To date we have taken in 35 kittens from various litters, including 6 friendly moms, all while performing TNR on the remaining moms and adults at the locations where we were called to help.

Our estimated cost for medical will be in the thousands but we know in many ways we are the last chance for so many of these helpless babies. So many rescues, including ours are full, but the continued financial support, and adoptions we receive through Catpurrccinos make it so much easier to fulfil our mission! We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.



Help Us Combat the Kitten Crisis and Cover Urgent Veterinary Bills

The ongoing kitten crisis is a dire situation that continues to demand our attention. With each passing day, we're faced with the staggering cost of providing veterinary care for each kitten, as well as tending to those who fall ill. It's disheartening to receive calls from concerned individuals finding mother cats and newborn kittens amidst the freezing temperatures of February. The need to act swiftly to provide shelter, warmth, and medical attention is paramount.

Additionally, to address the root of the issue, we recognize the urgent need to fund more Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs aimed at curbing the escalating population of feral cats.

Through proactive measures and community support, we can work towards ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for these vulnerable animals.


Thank you again

Your donations are crucial in helping us achieve this goal and continue our lifesaving work.

Running Feral to Family Cat Rescue, a non-profit organization, comes with significant expenses, especially as we respond to urgent pleas for help. Without the necessary funds, we can't provide vital medical care to those in need. Our yearly goal is $20,000, which covers emergency medical treatments as well as supports Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs in our community, essential for managing the burgeoning cat population.

Your donations are crucial in helping us achieve this goal and continue our lifesaving work. As a token of our appreciation, all donors will be recognized on our website and interactive monitors at Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of Feral to Family Cat Rescue.  We deeply appreciate your kindness and commitment to making a difference in the lives of these animals. Please know that your donation will not only save lives but also make a lasting impact on our community. together, we can make a difference for cats in need."