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Faithful had a setback but is on the road to recovery

If you've been tracking Faithful's journey , the feral cat requiring emergency leg amputation, or donated to his care, we can not thank you enough and wanted to give an update. Faithful has faced some obstacles.  Nevertheless, his unwavering sweetness keeps us determined to persevere on

n the first week of February, a compassionate samaritan reached out to us in distress about a feral cat he had been caring for outside his home for over a year. The cat had appeared limping, with its paw severely infected. Despite frantic efforts to seek help from other rescues and the local authorities, all resources were stretched to capacity. Moved by the urgency of the situation, we stepped in to assist. Urgently, we arranged for the cat to be rushed to Long Island Spay and Neuter Vet in Medford, NY. Following a thorough examination, it was determined that the only viable option to prevent the infection from spreading was to amputate the leg. The surgery, inclusive of vaccinations and neutering, amounted to $1,100.

Thankfully, the compassionate individual who found the cat, now named Faithful, graciously agreed to foster his recovery in an enclosure we provided. Despite his ordeal, Faithful has shown remarkable gratitude and warmth, and has since found a loving indoor home, sparing him from the harsh realities of the outdoors or, worse yet, euthanasia.

After a week recovering, the surgery site became infected and He needed Emergency Hospitalization


The surgery site before we brought him to the ER


After a couple of days at the ER

When Faithful, our beloved cat, was brought to the emergency hospital after his first surgery, he was suffering from a severe infection , accompanied by a fever. In those critical moments, the difficult question of euthanasia arose. However, driven by our commitment to his well-being, we chose to give him the fighting chance he deserved. Miraculously, within just three days of intensive care, his wounds have shown significant improvement.

His journey to recovery continues, requiring frequent visits for bandage changes every other day. As he heals further, we will assess whether additional surgery is necessary to completely close the wound. Yet, amidst these challenges, one cannot overlook Faithful's remarkable spirit. His gentle nature and affectionate demeanor shine through, reaffirming our belief in his potential for a future filled with happiness and health. His his emergency care, after visits and final surgey is estimated at a minimum of an additional 3000.00 plus. 

We invite you to witness Faithful's resilience and warmth in the video below. Together, let's support him as he embarks on his journey towards a long and joyous life."

"Thank you once again for your unwavering support and for being an integral part of the Feral to Family and Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe Family! Your dedication helps us provide care and love to cats like Faithful, transforming their lives from feral to cherished family members. Together, we make a difference in their journey towards a brighter future."