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We Need Your Help!


Help us help this family and Stinky, because sometimes doing the right thing just feels good...

Help us help Stinky

Little Stinky has been the cherished baby of a very nice family for 13 years. This week Stinky found his way out of the house and was hit by a car. The poor baby dragged himself back to the house. The worried mom rushed him to the Vet, where it was found he had a severe compound break and would require a costly surgery to save him. The family was forced to make a decision, put their beautiful baby down and out of pain, or find a way to pay for the surgery, roughly 3000.00. These were the options. The family does not have the funds, and could not qualify at the moment for Care credit. When they reached out on Social media they were told to set up a go fund me , but raised only $5.00!! That’s when we had to step in and save this baby. We are going to help pay this bill but could use any help you can give by donating. Above are pictures of the x-rays before and after surgery, as well as a copy of the Bill. We will be paying the vet directly form Feral to Family. Find it in your heart to donate what you can! Thank you!

Feral to Family is a 501c3 Nonprofit.