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What is a foster?

A foster is the temporary home for new cats/kittens that come into the rescue. This is the space for cats after being outside, and before they move into our adoption center, Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe.

Why foster?

1. Cats need a place away from other animals when they are first rescued from the outside until they see a vet! This is to ensure that they will not get any other animals sick. Cats are not allowed to go into Catpurrccinos straight from the outdoors.

2. New cats/kittens need help adjusting to their new life inside! Fosters dedicate time to socialize to help make them adoption ready family members.

3. Our rescue is only as big as our foster network. As we are foster based, the more fosters we have, the more cats/kittens can be taken into our rescue care.


1. Depending on the age of the cats/kittens fostering can be different in length. On average, about 6 weeks is expected.

2. Fosters should have a separate place in the home to have the cats/kittens, especially if there are other animals in the home.

3.Vet visits. Kittens will be scheduled for their routine vaccinations. Fosters are expected to bring them to appointments and will be notified ahead of time.

4. The types of cats/kittens that need fostering varies. It can range from:

  • A few kittens
  • An adult needing a home while we wait for space to clear up at Catpurrccinos
  • A mama cat with nursing kittens

Foster Application